Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Information related to Kevin Feige’s influence on Marvel’s UCM has come to light. And, apparently, his power is limitless.

In an interview with The Direct, the visual effects supervisor for Ms Marvel, Kevin Yuillespoke about the participation of the president of the study in the series of Disney+. Apparently, Kevin Feig He played a much more active role than we imagined. Even in the digital effects department of the program of the UCM.When Kevin Yuille was asked if Kevin Feige issued any specific orders regarding the visual effects of Ms Marvel, the artist confirmed that yes. Both the CEO of the company and Victor Alonsoone of the most important executives in the industry, had a hand in the development of the VFX of the series of kamala khan. In particular, Feige influenced the fifth episode of the Disney+ show. More specifically, in relation to the “veil”. That was one of many decisions that drove the story forward. “Yes,” Kevin Yuille admitted. “Kevin Feige inserts his creative ideas in all divisions. Everything has to go through him. Both he and Victoria Alonso are the intellectual authors of Marvel Studios. So of course there were specific orders. I don’t want to go into detail, but those orders definitely influenced the look of the Clandestine Veil. And also some decisions in that scene that make it possible to tell the story.”

The importance of seeking simplicity at all costs

In trying to make sure that the stories of Marvel Studios told in the best possible way, Kevin Feige always wants to avoid any kind of ambiguity with digital effects. For him, the important thing is to promote simplicity. Do things in the simplest way. Although Kevin Yuille’s work was far from simple, the team focused on keeping the story moving without creating confusion. enough. He has an undeniable knowledge of what is going on in the scenes. He does not want to create ambiguities. He tends to look for a simpler solution. But not simpler in terms of execution. Nothing we did was easy. I’m talking about simplifying what is needed to keep the story moving forward in such a way that there is no confusion. So yes, the president of Marvel Studios had a lot of influence. He wanted to avoid that confusion at all costs.”

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