Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

It is not the first time that we talk about a Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) of the agency Tama Projectspin-off from the adult toy manufacturer Tama Toys. Of course, given the parent company’s “pivot,” it was apparent that their VTubers also had a penchant for producing bawdy content. Sure, they don’t upload anything sexually explicit, but they do touch on topics that would be considered “sensitive” to others, like Hayashi Pyonpyoko. In a “2.5D” transmission, one of those where the VTuber continues to transmit with its virtual model, but also transmits its camera to show its hands; the VTuber placed various sex toys on a “competition track” making them vibrate to see who could knock who out of the area. In fact, he shared a snippet on his official Twitter account with the message: “Letting viewers fight each other using remote-controlled vibrators,” so apparently his audience controlled the vibrations.

In fact, that pink vibrator is quite popular among erotic streamers because it can be remote controlled and linked to viewers’ interactions on different streaming the already known 4cam. Apparently this is the same thing that the VTuber did, although evidently the vibrator was outside of it. Simply a curiosity and the perfect opportunity to promote the products of the company you work for. Finally, her profile writes: “Shy, but loves to talk and sex. He likes to draw and sing. She usually works at a bunny cafe in the woods. Her plump, fat thighs are complex. She interested in exploring masturbation. She thought that if she joined the Tama Project, she could chat and offer sex and she could talk and masturbate while people were watching her. She believes that she has a strong sexual desire, but she is “almost” a virgin». Font: @hayashi_pp on Twitter


By deepak yadav

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