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In Mexico there is National Commission for Free Textbooks, a government organization that distributes textbooks to basic education students across the country. This “basic education” refers to preschool through high school, but does not include further education, although there are some exceptions by individual lines. One of these lines of schools is called “Bachelor’s College“, with schools of higher secondary education in all the states of the country and that, in some, offer free distribution books for some of the subjects. And why do we say all this? Because one of those books became a trend recently after including the franchise of Komi-san wa, Komyushou Desu (Komi Can’t Communicate) in one of his didactic exercises. The book in question comes from the state of San Luis Potosí and is from the subject of Reading and Writing Workshop I, something like “Spanish”. The exercise asks the student to read a review of the first episode of the anime, which was interestingly written by our editor zyk and published on our site in October 2021 (available here). This is confirmed because the text is correctly quoted at the bottom of the page, and even we couldn’t believe it when we saw it.
On the next page a fragment of one of the first chapters of the original manga is shown, while next the student is asked to analyze both texts to identify types of language, purposes and modes of personality construction. Of course, many were incredulous when the photos became a trend on social networks, but later a video would emerge that would confirm all the information.


It is definitely a rather curious situation that again involves Komi-san and Mexico together, and while the question of copyright is questionable (not for our review, which we appreciate being quoted, but for printing a full page of the original manga), It is surprising that otaku culture has even found its way into school textbooks.

Synopsis for Komi-san wa, Komyushou desu

It’s Shouko Komi’s first day at the prestigious Itan Private High School, and she’s already become the Madonna of the school. With her long black hair and her tall and elegant appearance, she catches the attention of anyone who crosses her path. However, there is a problem: despite her popularity, Shouko is terrible at communicating with others. Hitohito Tadano is your typical high school boy. With his life motto of “reading the situation and making sure to stay out of trouble”, he quickly discovers that sitting next to Shouko has made him the enemy of everyone in his class. One day, passed out by accident, Hitohito wakes up to the sound of Shouko’s “meow”. He lies saying that he hasn’t heard anything, which makes Shouko run away. But before she can escape, Hitohito guesses that Shouko isn’t able to talk to others easily; in fact, he has never been able to make a single friend. Hitohito decides to help Shouko in her goal of making a hundred friends with her so that she can overcome her communication disorder. Font: @Mrpikulslol on Twitter


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