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blackbullet is a series of light novels written by Shiden Kanzaki and illustrated by Saki Ukai, which were published between July 2011 and April 2014, with a total of seven volumes. Even so, the novels are not officially finished, but have been suspended for more than eight years. With a dystopian world and a deadly virus, blackbullet it shares a lot of similarities with other popular contemporaries from the 2010s. This made its 2014 anime adaptation quite popular, but fans are still waiting for the second season more than eight years later. The concepts of the series are perhaps more current than ever, but the anime and the novels of blackbullet may be impaired in terms of its continuation by the current state of the author.

It has been suggested that the pressure of writing the series, especially to adapt it into anime, took its toll on the author. Because of this, he stopped writing the Black Bullet light novels and is supposedly now running a restaurant, while other claims claim that he suffers from health problems. Either one would certainly explain why there hasn’t been an expansion to the light novel series in nearly a decade.
Black Bullet was successful, but it wasn’t a massive hit that was totally loved by legions of fans. This may be due to how clichéd the story is, which for some is a low quality version of other more popular series. Also, many anime are little more than advertisements for manga or light novels, and it seems that sales of the Black Bullet light novels never really increased much after the anime. Sadly, all of this means that Black Bullet probably won’t continue in any medium, let alone anime. This brought the Japanese together again in a popular commentary forum, where opinions such as: “The eternal wait… And the HUNTER x HUNTER fans think they suffer?” “It is a difficult situation to explain. There isn’t even an official explanation of what happened to the author.” “Is it canceled already?” “I really worry if there will be a sequel one day.” The author is the first thing that worries me, more than the continuation of the work, because everything has really stopped moving.” “I think that the healthiest thing is to read stories that are complete. I’ve already given up the pleasure of reading them in real time ».« It seems that he fell ill during the anime adaptation. There is no further information about what happened next. I don’t know what to think, I just don’t want this to mean it’s over.”

Synopsis for Black Bullet

In the year 2021, a parasitic virus known as “Gastrea” infects humans and turns them into monsters. What remains of humanity now lives within the Monolith’s walls, walls that are made of Varanium, the only material that can harm Gastrea. To counteract the threat posed by the Gastrea, the “Cursed Girls” -girls whose bodies contain traces of the virus that give them superhuman abilities-, officially called Initiators by Tendo Civil Security, are assigned companions called Promoters, people who work to guide and protect the young Starters. These two-person teams are sent on missions to fight the monsters created by the Gastrea virus and keep them at bay. Black Bullet revolves around the team of Enju Aihara, an Initiator, and Satomi Rentaro, a Promoter, as they go on missions to fight the growing threat of Gastrea in her hometown of Tokyo. Font: Otakomu
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