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The original anime of the studios A-1 Pictures and the designer of Sword Art Online, Shingo Adachi, Lycoris Recoil, has not left the trends every weekend, and it is that apparently he has been able to do many things well. From an engaging story, endearing characters, and consistently high-quality animation, the series has managed to stay on top of trends. But what became a trend in the most recent episode, titled as “Another Day, Another Dollar“, it has nothing to do with any of the above, but with a scene of less than two seconds where the attractive thighs of the protagonist are observed, Chisato Nishikigi. In this episode, the deuteragonist takina inoue take charge of the cafeteria finances LycoReco, and both also take some additional jobs to support with income. One of them was to teach Japanese and pronunciation to foreigners, given Chisato’s constant interruptions to Takina’s class, the second proposes the term “sakadachi (Handstand)”, and since Chisato was interrupting exemplifying the word, she had to stand on her hands to exemplify the term. Since she was wearing a skirt, it falls off the sides, revealing the now trending design.

Multiple featured comments included: “The anime industry is really driving the love to thighs this year. I still remember the Yor Forger scene.” “Am I going to start watching Lycoris Recoil just because of those juicy thighs? Sure.” “Nice thighs, I want to bite into them.” “I already saw five people saying they’ll watch Lycoris Recoil just because of that thigh scene.” “I still can’t believe they gave Lycoris Recoil’s Chisato those massive thighs. It’s not that I’m looking at it, just that I’ve already seen that screenshot like ten times.” “It’s called Lycoris Recoil because the Lycoris (the red flower) are Chisato’s thighs.” “I give artists two hours to create h3ntai from this simple panel. And sure enough, it wasn’t long before a completely nude version of the scene came out (available at this link), as well as representations of the same pose with other characters, although at the moment only with Love Live!. Who will be next?

Lycoris Recoil

Lycoris Recoil Synopsis

The number of terrorist acts in Japan has never been lower, thanks to the efforts of a syndicate called Direct Attack (DA). The organization raises orphaned girls as assassins to carry out assassinations under its “Lycoris” program. Takina Inoue is an exceptional Lycoris, with a strong sense of will and a penchant for perfection. Unfortunately, a hostage situation tests her patience, and the resulting act of insubordination gets her transferred out of the DA. She’s not thrilled about losing the only place she belonged, but she reluctantly arrives at her new base of operations: LycoReco, a coffee shop in disguise. However, Takina’s new partner turns out to be very different from what she imagined. Despite being the famous prodigy of Lycoris, Chisato Nishikigi seems almost unconcerned about her obligations. She drags Takina into all sorts of odd jobs under the simple guise of helping people in need. Takina is further taken aback when Chisato takes down a group of armed assailants without killing any of them. Feeling like a fish out of water, Takina is hell-bent on rejoining the DA, but Chisato is determined to show her that there’s more to life than just taking it. Font: @zerods_ on Twitter

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