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Libertex, the online trading platform for retail and professional traders, has just announced a unique feature that will completely change the way you earn cryptocurrencies online – the cloud miner of Libertex. This innovative feature will reward new customers with Free Bitcoin (BTC) only for operating on the platform, without monetary or energy cost for the user. From now on, all new users of the Libertex platform mobile app will be able to access the cloud miner that they will find in the “More” section of the app menu. To activate the cloud miner, it is only necessary to click on the “Mine” button every four hours, and the user will receive BTC in his account at the rate of up to 0.00036 BTC per month.

Cryptocurrency mining at no cost

In general, in order to mine Bitcoin, it is necessary to use expensive state-of-the-art equipment, added to the high price of energy consumption associated with the mining process. Libertex takes a completely different approach. Cloud mining runs on Libertex’s own computers and not on users’ computers. This means that users’ devices – processor, graphics card, battery and other components – are not connected at all. In fact, and unlike other cloud mining services that charge their users a subscription or rental fees for the remote use of mining hardware, the cloud miner of Libertex it is completely free for any new customer. Let’s say it’s a reward for using the platform. There is no advance or deposit requirement, nor is any contract signed in which the user is penalized for stopping using this service. It is simply a new function that only confirms the motto that defines Libertex: More than trading. And not only that, but the Libertex cloud miner is based on the distribution of profits between traders, and not on extracting money from them. All the user needs to generate profit from the mined BTC is to trade it on Libertex, and then they can withdraw the profit and use it as they see fit!

Terms of use

When using the Libertex cloud miner, all mined BTC will be denominated in USD, and it will not be possible to withdraw less than $10 (or its equivalent in BTC). The funds generated through the cloud miner can only be used for trading. In any case, any profit generated with your operations can be exchanged or withdrawn in the usual way.

More than trading with Libertex

With over 2 years of experience in the financial markets, over 250 trading instruments available, and over 40 international awards, Libertex has long been at the forefront of utilizing technological advances to enhance the trading experience of its valuable assets. clients all over the world. Cryptocurrencies have recently become the most exciting sector for traders and now with the introduction of their new cloud mining feature, Libertex It has become even more attractive for fans of cryptocurrencies. If you want to know more about Libertex, please visit the official site or download the mobile app on the Apple App Store, Google Play or AppGallery.

About Libertex

Libertex, part of the Libertex Group, is an online broker that offers CFDs on underlying assets such as commodities, Forex, ETFs or cryptocurrencies, among others. Libertex also offers investments in real shares without commissions. Over the years, Libertex has been honored with more than 40 prestigious international awards and recognitions, including the “Best Trading Platform” award (Forex Report, 2021). Libertex is the Official Trading Partner of Tottenham Hotspur FC, bringing together the exciting worlds of football and trading. Since its founding in 1997, Libertex Group has grown into a conglomerate of diverse companies serving millions of clients in various countries around the world. For more information about Libertex visit https://libertex.org/es

Territorial restrictions: The Libertex cloud miner is not available in the European Union or in countries with restrictions such as Russia, USA, Japan or Brazil, nor in countries considered high-risk or non-cooperative territories by the FATF due to irregularities in AML/ CTFs; nor in countries that are subject to international sanctions.

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