Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

It is already known that many die-hard anime fans have a favorite character with whom they feel a deep emotional bond. In modern otaku/fujoshi parlance, this favorite character is called oshi, which comes from the Japanese word osu, which means “recommend” and, by extension, “support”. At the risk of sounding vulgar, it seems that there are also some superfans who, when they look at their oshi, not only want to support him, but also do something else. We refer, of course, to eating his hair.
At least the Tokyo anime song cafe, STARSsays that there are fans who want to eat the hair of their favorite character, and the restaurant is delighted to accommodate them with a special event that they have directly dubbed “Let’s Eat Our Oshi’s Hair”.

Popular anime aesthetics have long included a vibrant palette of rainbow locks, so STARS has prepared a wide selection of “hair” colors. If the whole concept seems strange enough, well, STARS himself admits that it’s a “seemingly crazy plan,” which could be why Let’s Eat Our Oshi’s Hair only takes place at the STARS branch in the Akihabara’s otaku district, and not at its other locations in the comparatively more conventional neighborhoods of Ikebukuro and downtown Yokohama.
However, even by Akihabara’s unique standards, you can’t legally serve human hair in a restaurant, so the hair is actually colored noodles. Specifically, they are somen, a type of thin wheat noodle that is traditionally served cold and passed through a bowl of broth before eating it, being one of the favorite refreshing dishes of summer in Japan. Finally the event Let’s Eat Our Oshi’s Hair It was held on August 20, with prices ranging between 400 and 500 yen (between 2.96 and 3.70 dollars), depending on the exact color. Font: Press release via soranews24

By deepak yadav

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