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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News Gotham Knights is coming in a few months and many players are excited for this new adventure set in Gotham City. However, there are also some fans who aren’t entirely convinced by a recent detail they saw in Red Hood’s gameplay. During the latest previews of the title we have been able to see parts of its attractive world, which will be full of villains and enemies to defeat. From the perspective of some fans, Gotham City does not look as alive as they expected, as they believe that elements are missing to give it more immersion and dynamism. On the other hand, several Red Hood fans aren’t entirely convinced by his moves and physiques, so they’ve thrown in some criticism. As expected, there are players who are very satisfied with what the title will offer and who have responded to dissatisfied fans.
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Players arm discussion for Gotham Knights gameplay

One player complained about the “empty” and “empty” look of Gotham City during Red Hood gameplay. This made some fans wonder if there will be nothing more than villains in the streets of the place or other elements to give the place a little more life. “I can’t get over how empty and desolate the city looks. So there are only bad guys and criminals in this world? Where are the pedestrians? Cars, traffic, animals, etc. I’d get bored playing this in an hour. The environment needs to be more immersive,” stated an upset fan. Later, there was criticism towards Red Hood, some of his abilities and how he looks in combat. “This looks so weird, it runs like it has a pole through it. The animations don’t mix either, so there are weird little pauses. The attacks also seem to have little to no impact. This is a disaster”, affirmed another player. Most of the community does not agree with these criticisms, as they believe that the game looks spectacular and that its setting is very well done. So many gamers celebrated that the title is now ready to debut and defended it from angry fans.

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