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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News In addition to falling subscribers and stock price, Netflix seems hell-bent on making the worst corporate and anti-user decisions. While the company is shaping up for the changes that will define its model in the short and medium term, one of its bets is on gaming and it seems that the next thing to do in this regard is to take advantage of cloud technology.
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Netflix thinks about the cloud for its video game ecosystem

According to an IGN report, Netflix’s next step in video games is heading towards cloud technology, this after a vacancy for the company was explicit with the plans they have for offering this type of content. . In this regard, the vacancy is for an engineer specializing in rendering, but the details confirm that the objective is for the video games on the platform to be accessible from the cloud and have adequate performance on the user’s equipment and devices. Netflix also refers to a “cloud video game ecosystem” and the importance of providing the right conditions for developers to create and adapt their proposals on the platform.

So far, Netflix’s strategy in gaming goes hand in hand with a series of titles with a mobile type design and some from the indie scene. Unfortunately, a recent report revealed that less than 1% of subscribers spend their time with them. In this regard, Netflix, through its chief operating officer, Greg Peters, has recognized that entering and positioning itself in the gaming sector is not easy and could take years before having an appropriate model. Despite this, it seems that there are signs that things could work and at the very least, cloud technology would help the accessibility of this video game offer by making the experience easier. Still here at WTTSpod.
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