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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News Last Tuesday, August 16, an extensive report from the Kotaku portal revealed alleged cases of sexual harassment and sexism suffered by female staff of Nintendo of America. This situation once again highlighted the prominence of these unfortunate problems in the video game industry and other entertainment sectors. Shortly after the controversy reared its head, Doug Bowser, the current president of Nintendo of America, acknowledged “media coverage involving claims of worker conduct.” In his statements, he informed that the pertinent investigations are already being carried out.

Doug Bowser Speaks Out About Accusations Of Sexism And Harassment At Nintendo Of America

“We have strict policies designed to protect our employees and associates from inappropriate conduct and we expect full compliance from everyone who works with or for us. We have investigated and will always investigate any allegations that come to our attention, and we are already actively investigating these most recent claims.” Additionally, Doug Bowser says there are human resources teams that can help workers. Thus, he urges staff that if they experience, have experienced or witness any behavior that violates the company’s standards of conduct or values, they immediately contact a human resources business partner.
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The message from the president of Nintendo of America was reportedly posted to the company’s internal SharePoint account on the same day the allegations surfaced. The Kotaku portal was able to verify the veracity of the statement through a source. It is important to note that the reports of harassment are mainly related to the company’s testing and quality control departments, in which there are often subcontracted personnel.

Doug Bowser lashes out at inappropriate behavior

Amid the inappropriate behavior controversy that plagued Activision Blizzard last year, Doug Bowser lashed out at sexual harassment, saying that toxicity goes against his values ​​as well as company beliefs and policies. Likewise, he promised that actions would be taken to have safe and inclusive work environments. A couple of months ago, when the accusations of abusive practices and labor exploitation surfaced, the president of the US division of Nintendo assured that the company has “0 tolerance” for inappropriate behavior, harassment, intimidation and discrimination. Visit this page to read more Nintendo related news.
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