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Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson reveals why the Kraven the Hunter movie will differ from other Marvel movies.

The first film of the superhero genre that we will see in 2023 will be that of Kraven the Hunter which is starring Aaron Taylor Johnson. An actor who knows perfectly well what it is to adapt comics, since we have been able to see him in the two installments of kick-ass (2010 and 2013) as Dave Lizewski and in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) as Pietro Maximoff. Now, in full promotion of his new movie Bullet Train, Aaron Taylor Johnson wanted to reveal some details about Kraven the Hunter in THR.“It’s shot entirely on location and it will make a difference. It’s going to add something really beautiful to our personal history. It also sets Kraven apart from that Marvel stage look. It is important that this character is in the real world. It is important for the authenticity of the story. When you run barefoot through the streets, you absorb those elements and play with them.” So one of the big differences in this film from Sony with the Marvel Cinematic Universe it is that they have shot with traditional methods and they will not have so many green screens or special effects. Something that can be a very interesting incentive to enjoy within the superhero genre that is lately closely linked to CGI. In addition, some scenes have been leaked, where we see the protagonist running through the streets barefoot and jumping from car to car, which will surely look great on the big screen.

What will the movie be about?

For now, we have very few plot details. But Aaron Taylor Johnson has revealed that Kraven the Hunter He’s going to be an environmentalist and protector of the natural world, so it clashes a bit with what we know about him from the comics. Since he always tries to kill the fiercest animals for the simple satisfaction of showing that he is superior to them. There is a very interesting theory that ensures that he will be something similar to Tarzan. Since we could see a man who has grown up in nature or at least in a very rural environment and for some unknown reason he reaches civilization and must survive and try to learn to behave, but he never forgets the wild animal that carries inside. So we can deduce that once again, that instead of making a movie of a villain of spider-man, they would make the character a kind of hero in their own way. Something similar to what they have done in the two installments of Venom.Kraven the Hunter It is directed by J C Chandorresponsible of triple border (2019), The most violent year (2014), When everything is lost (2013) and Margin Call (2011). While the cast includes Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Russell Crowe, Ariana DeBose, Christopher Abbott, Alessandro Nivola, Levi Miller, Fred Hechinger, Murat Seven, Will Bowden, Robert Ryan and Peter Watson. Kraven the Hunter It will be released on January 13, 2023 in theaters around the world. Do you want to see it? Do you think it will be as unique as Aaron Taylor-Johnson says? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.

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