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Until now, we knew the cast of the Madame Web movie but we didn’t know which Marvel characters we would see, but now they have been leaked!

Since a time ago, Sony is rolling madam webwhich is a movie with characters from Marvel related with spider-man. For this story they have hired a great cast led by Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, Adam Scott, Emma Roberts Y Celeste O’Connor.Then we leave you which character each one will play and it is really surprising.

Attention SPOILERS:

Dakota Johnson is Cassandra Webb.

Dakota Johnson is Cassandra Webb The actress Dakota Johnson is the protagonist of the film and will play the original Madame Web, as she will be Cassandra Webb. Although they will probably change her origin quite a bit, because in the Marvel comics we have always seen her as a blind old woman who is connected to a life support system that resembles a spider web, and her psychic abilities give her access to the Web. of Life and Fate. Sydney Sweeney is Julia Carpenter.

Sydney Sweeney is Julia Carpenter in Madame Web (2023)

Sydney Sweeney as Julia Carpenter Until now, it had been speculated that Dakota Johnson would be the version of Madame Web called Julia Carpenter, but in reality she will be played by Sydney Sweeney. Julia stood in for Cassandra Webb after Cassandra was killed by Kraven the Hunter. So, at this point it is unclear if she will receive her powers and identity. But you have to remember that Julia got to wear the Spider-Woman suit and she’s a great superhero in her own right. Celeste O’Connor is Mattie Franklin.

Celeste O'Connor is Mattie Franklin in Madame Web

Celeste O’Connor is Mattie FranklinThis is a major character in the Marvel comics of the 90s. And she used the identity of Spider-Woman, although the most interesting thing is that she obtained her powers during a mystical ceremony known as the Meeting of the Five, it was later revealed that Mattie’s abilities had essentially been “stolen” from previous Spider-Womans. So her origin can be an interesting part of the plot. Isabela Merced is Anya Corazon.

Isabela Merced as Anya Corazon

Isabela Merced as Anya CorazonAlso known as AraƱa or Spider-Girl, her powers are rooted in the mythological side of the Spider-Man world. In recent years, she has been a big part of many Multiverse adventures with spider heroes. So they could be putting together different heroines who have spider powers in one movie. Adam Scott is Ben Parker.

Adam Scott as Ben Parke in Madame Web

Adam Scott is Ben Parke in Madame WebWe will be able to see Peter Parker’s uncle in the movie Madame web, but obviously he will be a young version and long before he was an old man shot dead by a robber. Something that caused Peter Parker to take his powers seriously and become Spider-Man, the legendary Marvel superhero. In some leaked images, we have verified that he is a paramedic and that he apparently works with Cassandra Webb (Dakota Johnson). In fact, it could be her confidant, because in the images we see how Cassandra’s legs fail in front of him. That means her physique is degenerating as her powers increase and Ben Parker could help her with the process. Emma Roberts is Mary Parker.

Emma Roberts isMary Parker

Emma Roberts is Mary Parker Recently, images of Emma Roberts were leaked and her character was pregnant, so now we know that this baby will be Peter Parker. Perhaps the mission of bringing together so many characters with Spider-man powers with the multiverse, is to somehow save an unborn Peter Parker. We will find out everything they have prepared for madam web when it opens in theaters on October 6, 2023.CBT source.

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