Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

the japanese portal myjitsu published an article pointing out that part of the Japanese fans are not happy with the selection of Tomori Kusunoki as the character’s voice actress Makima within the anime adaptation of chainsaw man, for the fact that she is “very new in the industry” and because they consider that her tone of voice is not appropriate for the character. «The broadcast of the television anime “Chainsaw Man” is scheduled to start in October this year, but there are already some concerns among fans of the original work. On August 5, the voice actors for the main characters were revealed, and Tomori Kusunoki, who plays Makima, has been a source of controversy. ““Chainsaw Man” is the story of Denji, a freelance demon hunter leading a lonely life who, after a certain incident, starts working for the 4th Special Public Security Division against demons. Makima is her boss in the organization and is an important character that appears from the first episode of the play.». «Makima is played by 22-year-old voice actress Tomori Kusunoki, who works for Sony Music Artists. She has also played the role of Setsuna Yuuki in “Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Doukoukai”, and she is quite popular in otaku circles, but not well known among the general public. In the promotional video released on the same day as the cast reveal, Makima’s lines were recorded immediately and her acting can be seen. Her charming acting makes the most of her pretty voice quality». «However, negative comments came from fans of the original work, such as: “Makima’s voice doesn’t match what he had in mind“; “I would have preferred a more mature voice for Makima“; “I really don’t agree with Makima’s voice. His voice quality doesn’t match at all. Why did they choose it?“; Y “I’m sorry, but I think Makima’s voice is misunderstood“». «Makima is a pretty woman on the outside, but there is something mysterious about her, and she is not an easy character to understand. Her pretty voice, with hints of “moe”, may have provoked reactions that misunderstood her. Even more extreme comments have been made about it: “I can feel the push from Sony Music Artists for their voice actors“; “Please don’t give in to pressure from Sony.“; “Makima’s voice actress is attached to Sony, we already know why she got the role“; “I can’t tolerate Makima’s voice actress being a pushover from Sony“». «In fact, of the cast announced this time, Kusunoki, who plays Makima, and Kikunosuke Toya, who plays the lead Denji, belong to Sony Music Artists. The fact that two young voice actors from the industry have been cast in the role has likely created a sense of mistrust. However, there is no basis to theorize on the matter, and Kusunoki has publicly stated that she has always been a “Chainsaw Man” fan. In a special broadcast on August 5, she said, “I like Makima a lot since I read the original story, and I only try to express the Makima I imagined,” giving the impression that she is fully motivated to do her job. Let’s hope his lively performance will turn his current reputation on its head.” Font: myjitsu
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