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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News The history of video games hides many secrets, not only in the development or commercial process, but also in the final product. Some have been discovered shortly after debut, but others are still waiting and decades can pass before they come to light. Recently, this was the case with Super Punch-Out!!, a SNES game that debuted in 1994.
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Super Punch-Out!! comes back to life thanks to a secret code

28 years after the release of Super Punch-Out!! The Unlisted Cheats Twitter account made history by sharing information about a well-kept secret in the cartridge code. According to what was revealed, the game hid a mode that enabled a second player for combat, something to note because the original game is only for a single user. Apparently, this hidden mode was only for developer review purposes and was not intended as an option for players. With that being said, the account revealed that on the title screen of Super Punch-Out!! Y and R must be held down at the same time. Then, it will be enough to press A or Start to enable a screen with all the fighters, this allows you to play with anyone, even the special ones, in a test fight.

The other surprise comes later as holding down the B and Y buttons, followed by A or Start, enables the second controller for another player to select a fighter allowing a 2-player match, something not included in the game. original.

So, Super Punch-Out!! has come to life for a moment and those who still have their copy can start these combinations to remember old times. Still here at WTTSpod.
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