Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The spin-off of The Walking Dead starring Rick and Michonne reveals its first details. And what a madness they are preparing at AMC!

the showrunner Scott M. Gimple has revealed new details about the story of the long-awaited spin-off of The Walking Dead. This spin-off will star Rick Y Michonne. Premiered for the first time on the AMC network in 2010, the adaptation of The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman they are now in the midst of their eleventh season. The final season. Although most of the original characters are no longer on the show, audiences were introduced to this universe thanks to the sheriff’s story. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). His story and that of the group of survivors found after waking up from a coma during the legendary first season of the series. As reported Entertainment Weeklythe creator of the spin-off series of The Walking Dead and showrunner Scott M. Gimple has provided the first concrete details of Rick and Michonne’s story. Gimple described the show as “a crazy, epic love story.” He has anticipated that both Rick and Michonne have not mellowed over the years. The filmmaker has explained that the most extreme versions of these two characters will return in the new television series.

These are the first details of the expected spin-off!

“It’s an epic love story. But it is an epic love story and full of madness. These two guys are two people who have been apart for a long time. They have lived completely different existences and have to meet again. They have to abandon the loneliness they have embraced. It is a journey that goes from one place to another. A journey between the intimate, the epic and madness. Let’s see this amazing couple full of power. But we’re also going to have Red Machete Rick. We will see the Michonne who taught the Governor a couple of things.” The spin-off of The Walking Dead It still does not have a specific release date. Share0

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