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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News The video game industry experienced a great moment during the lockdown forced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Practically, gaming became the most popular form of entertainment in the world, which was reflected in the finances of the companies that make up the industry. However, the return to normality and other factors have given a reality check that is already striking due to the negative numbers that it is leaving after its impact.
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The pandemic is over and the industry returns to reality

The most important video game companies presented their respective financial reports for the fiscal quarter that closed last June. That transcended the drop in sales of PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox consoles, as well as negative numbers of important franchises, such as Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed. According to a CNBC report, this is nothing more than the impact that gaming is suffering after the end of the pandemic, since that rise that took place in 2020 and 2021 came to an end, giving way to a complex reality. Initially, citing the NPD Group, spending on video games in a market as important as the United States was down 13%, which is related to the end of restrictions and the return to face-to-face activities of all kinds, some what society was deprived of for a long time.

Inflation, scarcity, but services could be the heroes of gaming right now

In this context, the impact of the shortage of current-generation consoles is also emphasized, something that has not changed despite the end of the pandemic, since the manufacturing and distribution chains continue to be affected and a return to normality is not expected until 2024. In that sense, the drop in Switch sales due to this situation stands out, since Nintendo had managed to avoid the crisis for a couple of years.

Now, attention is focused on the difficulties that could come because it is feared that console sales, especially current generation consoles, will not take advantage of the market potential they have at the moment due to shortages, since it is likely that people, adjusting their spending for inflation, may be more hesitant about buying a console right now. Despite this, all is not lost and in the event that consoles experience a drop or stagnation in sales, it is thought that services such as Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus could lift the ship for the industry, which would become the heroes of the post-pandemic period. Still here at WTTSpod.
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