Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

NetApp is focusing on securing cloud infrastructure by creating a solution that offers ongoing assessment and analysis of cloud security measures, calling it Spot Security, a solution built for the cloud. Spot Security helps DevOps and SecOps teams collaborate to identify misconfigurations, reduce their potential scope of attack, and comply with regulations. Spot Security’s agentless technology analyzes cloud resource relationships to provide clear visibility and prioritize possible actions, automatically determining the exposure of each cloud resource and uncovering the most critical security threats based on their nature. potential impact on the organization. These automated actions eliminate potential desensitization to a high number of alerts and keep cloud infrastructure secure and operations teams up and running.

With Spot Security, companies can get security for cloud infrastructure in addition to:

360º Visibility: With a clear view of security status and attack scopes, network analytics, asset inventory, and cloud user behavior, all from the same console using risk map charts and of service. Prioritized in-depth analytics: Identify new risks, abnormal behavior, or new cloud resources instantly, with ongoing analytics and monitoring, ultimately providing clear goals that DevOps teams can focus on and direct efforts toward issues real, eliminating false positives and building security into cloud operations. · Automated detection and remediation: Enable detection of misconfigurations and anomalies to effectively provide remediation for security and compliance risks in a multi-cloud infrastructure. · Regulatory compliance: meet industry security standards and regulatory mandates that allow companies to maintain regulatory compliance. “DevOps engineers are constantly being asked to provide solutions to a wide range of challenges that can affect the efficiency and operations of their businesses,” said Azzedine Benameur, director of Spot Security for Spot by NetApp. “Spot Security offers DevOps and SecOps a solution that meets the fundamental requirements to secure their dynamic cloud environments and continue to innovate Spot by NetApp’s suite of CloudOps solutions that automate and streamline cloud operations.”

By Alvaro Rivers

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