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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram SNK was one of the companies that were part of EVO 2022 and it took its participation seriously, because it was one of the ones that gave the most to talk about. Not only did he reveal big news for his current titles aside from announcing the Fatal Fury sequel, but he also revealed the DLC plans for The King of Fighters XV over the next few months. The Japanese company took advantage of its space at EVO 2022 to account for the great post-launch support it will give to The King of Fighters XV. Best of all, players won’t have to wait long to start seeing what’s new.
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The King of Fighters XV will receive Samurai Shodown DLC

We remind you that in a matter of hours the third DLC team Team Awakened Orochi will debut, which will show the characters of this organization with classic outfits. Well, it has just been revealed that the next DLC team will be Team Samurai, made up of Samurai Shodown fighters Haohmaru, Nakoruru, and Darli Dagger. It is expected to debut in the fall of 2022. That’s not all, since it was confirmed that the fighting title will have a second season, which will begin in 2023. SNK allowed a glimpse of the plans for this new season and revealed which will include more DLC characters, cross-play (which we recently told you about) “and more”. The identities of all the fighters of this new season are not yet known, but the first 2 have already been confirmed: Shingo Yabuki and Kim Kaphwan, who will apparently arrive in that order from some date in early 2023.
Image: SNK Then we leave you with the announcement trailer.
In case you missed it: Mai Shiranui and Terry Bogard transformed into Beanies from Fall Guys. What do you think of the content coming to The King of Fighters XV? Tell us in the comments. The King of Fighters XV debuted on February 17, 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. You can find more about him if you visit his file or if you consult our written review.
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