Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

The digitization of the hospitality industry has generated new ways of relating to the consumer. Being present on the platforms where the client is has a great impact on their business. Taking this reality into account, and to stand out from its competition within its market niche, QDQ Group has identified the essential aspects on which SMEs in the hospitality sector should focus their digitization efforts. “Despite being a sector that must continue to evolve, betting on digitization tools allows companies to optimize customer services and represents added value compared to the competition,” explains Pedro Fern├índez, general manager of the QDQ Group.

Hospitality sector transformation

The digital revolution improves knowledge of the sector and drives decision-making. Having been in the sector for years does not imply full knowledge of it. Thanks to digital transformation, companies can expand their fixed clientele by reaching new users in addition to learning about market trends. All in all, a digital strategy allows companies to make decisions based on data that they can extract from user information, as well as from the competition.

4 keys that are transforming the hospitality sector

Internet presence to provide information at any time. Having a website means that companies can be accessible at any time and place, this being an essential feature in the hospitality market. The most used tool in these cases is Google My Business, which improves the visibility of companies on the Internet. In this way, companies retain their potential customers and provide a much more effective service. All this implies changes in the processes of interaction with users that in the long term benefit the business strategy of a business.
SEO positioning, from being a claim to being a key element in the customer experience. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technology that enables search engine optimization. Improving the positioning and visibility of the brand requires tools and techniques that boost the user experience when finding a specific website. Some of the benefits that SEO positioning brings to the hospitality sector are the increase in visits, the production of a high return on investment and the attraction of potential clients, among others.
Automation of processes thanks to the various tools of the web pages. Another key to digital transformation in the hospitality sector is automation. This is so, mainly because the sector’s clients require greater agility in company identification processes and ease of access to information. Thanks to the automation through certain tools of the web pages, the target audience is able to find the company easily.

By Alvaro Rivers

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