Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

With the arrival of the holidays, cyber scams increase, especially those related to online vacation rentals. In relation to this, S2 Grupo has carried out a survey on this subject. The extracted data shows that 11% of those surveyed claim to have been victims of cybercrime by having booked their holidays online. Meanwhile, 16% state that, although they have not suffered this type of incident, they have people in their close circle who have suffered from falling into the traps of online criminals. “In this area, cybercrime has focused mainly on vacation rental accommodation and vehicle rental. To avoid falling into their nets, it is important that we follow some good habits such as doubting a lot about the bargains, this can already give us a clue that something is not going well”, explains José Rosell, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

Vacation Cyber ​​Scams

One of the points to take into account in terms of cybersecurity and vacations is the issue of sharing photos when we are away, since this can give a lot of information that we are not at home that can be used by cybercriminals.

11% of people who book their holidays online have been victims of cyber scams

And it is that, 16% of those surveyed have answered that they do like to share photos on their social networks in real time when they are traveling. However, the response in the survey carried out in 2020 was 21.5%. For their part, 18% prefer to wait until they return home to share them. Other recommendations are not to activate geopositioning on social networks or to reinforce the security of our devices by installing protection measures to prevent the thief from accessing the data in the event of a theft and facilitating its recovery.

By Alvaro Rivers

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