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A Hulk special on Disney+ has been announced by Marvel Studios. This is a premiere prepared for the arrival of Jennifer Walters.

According to a new publication of the official account of Disney+ in Italy, the streaming platform will premiere a special episode of Marvel Studios legends. It will be next Wednesday, August 10. The episode is focused on Hulk and will be titled “Bruce Banner.” He will make lovers UCM review the history of the character throughout his story. It premieres on the occasion of the premiere of she hulk next Thursday, August 18. This is the image they have posted with the information!

Disney+ Italy

The premieres of the streaming platform of the Mouse HouseThe big question here is whether Disney+ intends to include images of The incredible Hulk (2008). After all, that film is one of the most reviled within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Will they review the history of Bruce Banner with Edward Norton?

It is difficult to be sure. As pretty much everyone knows by now, Bruce Banner was played by Edward Norton in The incredible Hulk. After in The Avengers (2012), was replaced by Mark Ruffalo. Marvel Studios generally doesn’t like to acknowledge Edward Norton in their movies. It is also not part of their Disney + promotional videos. However, they have used the superheroic version made with CGI from that movie. Therefore, they could follow that creative line. She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk ready to present on Disney+ to Abominationthe great villain of The incredible Hulkone would think that Marvel Studios will choose to use scenes from this movie that show the final battle between Bruce Banner and the aforementioned Abomination. After all, both characters were created digitally and wouldn’t actually need to show Edward Norton’s face on screen.

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