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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News 3 years after the release of the original Halo installment, Bungie once again shook up the video game industry in 2004 with Halo 2, the sequel that received critical acclaim and press for improving every aspect of the first game. It’s been a long time since its debut, but this classic title returned to the big stages and captured the attention of thousands of users this week. What exactly happened?

Halo 2 had thousands of viewers on Twitch

As streamer Gun Shot (via TheGamer) highlighted, Bungie’s classic FPS saw a spike in popularity on Twitch over the last 24 hours. Specifically, it accumulated almost 46,000 simultaneous viewers during the afternoon of last August 3. This is certainly an impressive feat for a title that is 18 years old. In fact, Halo 2 was about 38 times more popular than Halo Infinite, a title that only attracted about 1,200 viewers on the Amazon platform during the afternoon of last Wednesday.

While it’s no secret that the latest installment from 343 Industries and Microsoft struggles to maintain a healthy community, it’s still impressive to see that an earlier installment was much more popular for a few hours. What is the reason for this curious phenomenon? Was it random? Nothing of that. In fact, Halo 2 saw a significant rise in audience on the streaming platform thanks to a viral challenge that caught the attention of thousands of Internet users. Specifically, content creator Jervalin attempted one of the toughest challenges in gaming history: finish the sci-fi shooter’s campaign on max difficulty without dying and with all skulls active.
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As we told you a few hours ago, the streamer made history by achieving such a feat during a live broadcast that lasted about 6 hours and 30 minutes. As expected, the player’s attempt attracted the eyes of video game fans and onlookers, who tuned into the direct on Twitch. Even though the challenge is now over and viewership levels are back to normal, Gun Shot hopes to keep the interest in Halo 2 going through the weekend. This is because it will organize a LAN tournament in Las Vegas, United States that will be broadcast on Twitch. With any luck, we’ll still be hearing about this classic video game for days to come. But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Did you see Jervalin’s feat live? Let us read you in the comments. You will find more news related to the Halo franchise if you visit this page.
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