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According to the study ‘Employability and Digital Talent 2021’ carried out by the VASS Foundation and the Autonomous University of Madrid, companies recognize that they could create 20% more employment in areas linked to digital areas. On this, Prosperity Digital has presented the five digital formations with the best professional output. Well, in a scenario where the race for the digital transformation of companies is pressing, the search for tech professionals has become a priority. “The Next Generation funds want to accelerate an already existing process, which is the digitization of all sectors, which further helps the market desperately seek digital profiles of almost any type”, explains Gary Mullan, director of Prosperity Digital .

digital formations

These are the 5 digital formations, in which it is expected, they will have better professional opportunities:

Web programmers. The search for experts in web programming remains one of the professions with the most job opportunities. According to Prosperity Digital, the demand for programmers has been on an upward trend for 15 years but, in recent times, the figure of web3 programmers has taken on special relevance, which includes positions linked to the new iteration of the web, such as, for example, blockchain programmers, experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning or profiles specialized in the creation and development of the metaverse. As noted in the Prosperity 2022 Salary Guide, the minimum salary for a programming expert with between 1-3 years of experience is €22,000 per year. On the other hand, experts with more than five years of experience can opt for a remuneration of around €50,000 per year.

These are the 5 digital formations with the best professional output

UX/UI design. Working to offer the best possible user experience is one of the main raison d’être of the companies’ digitization process. For this reason, the demand for professionals specialized in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design continues to increase. These profiles are quite hybrid since they must develop a job halfway between technology and art. The incorporation of these professionals is essential for companies that wish to boost their presence on the digital plane. A profile trained in these areas with little experience can opt for a salary of €20,000 per year and professionals with more than five years of experience can reach an annual salary of up to €80,000.
SaaS Sales Manager. The sales area plays a fundamental role in all kinds of sectors and its traditional operation has been completely transformed with the irruption of technology and Saas companies. In this sense, there is a growing demand for specialized profiles in Saas Sales who understand the new digital scenario where the technology and application of Saas is essential to offer a competitive and up-to-date service.
Specialists in Digital Marketing. The demand for expert professionals in digital marketing is one of the fastest growing areas and, in recent years, it is arousing the interest of companies both for multi-skilled profiles who feel comfortable working in different areas of digital marketing and for profiles specialized in aspects Specific such as SEO, Pay Per Click, email marketing, CRM, RRSS… As a whole, there is a growing interest in these professionals who, in their first work experiences, obtain annual remuneration that ranges between €20,000 and €24,000 per year. On the other hand, those with more than five years of experience in this field obtain minimum remuneration of between €30,000 and €40,000. In this sense, it should be noted that there are highly specialized positions with greater responsibility, such as the case of a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer or Director of Marketing), who can reach salaries of €70,000 per year.
eCommerce Managers. The change in consumer purchasing habits, who now feel especially comfortable making all kinds of purchases online, has boosted the demand for professional profiles linked to eCommerce. In this context, eCommerce Managers are especially relevant since, beyond having technical notions about the development and implementation of electronic commerce, they have a holistic vision of how the digital world evolves and are capable of leading the transition of a service/ analog product to the digital stage. A professional with between one and three years of experience in this field is eligible for an annual salary of €50,000. On the other hand, a profile with more than five years of experience can reach €80,000 per year.

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