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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News The buying and selling of studios is more active than ever and it seems that the consolidation period will still offer us some surprises in the future. For months we have had reports and rumors about a possible sale of Electronic Arts, one of the most important developers in the industry. It has been said that Sony, Microsoft and other big companies have set their sights on the company led by Andrew Wilson. However, nothing has materialized and instead EA has been strengthened with new development teams. For this reason, Wilson decided to speak on the subject and comment on the rumors about a possible sale of EA.
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Will Electronic Arts join the industry consolidation?

Earlier in the year it was revealed that Comcast NBCUniversal, a US media giant, allegedly attempted to acquire Electronic Arts. However, the negotiations did not come to fruition and everything fell apart. We also know that he was in talks with Disney, Amazon and Apple. On the other hand, analysts believe that there is a possibility that Sony will buy EA as a response to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. In fact, jokes were made about it on social networks, where Sony supposedly confirmed the acquisition of the studio. So Wilson finally commented on the rumors and reports at the most recent investor meeting. Initially, the manager stated that he would not delve into the subject, but shortly after he ruled out a possible sale of EA. The reason? He believes that they are in a good moment and in an excellent position. He boasted that EA has a lot of industry talent on its teams and that its growth is not stopping. For this reason, he categorically ruled out negotiations to sell his business to any interested company. “I think we are in an incredible position. We will soon be the largest independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment in the world. I think we have the most incredible teams in our industry on the planet and (…) we are attracting more and more incredible creative talent. “I think we’re growing across all platforms, we’re growing across all business models, and we’re growing across all geographies. Our goal and my goal as CEO of this company is always to take care of our people, our players and our shareholders… we feel very, very confident and excited about our future,” Wilson said. Thus, everything indicates that EA will follow its own path and continue to strengthen itself with more teams and developers, without neglecting important alliances with other companies.
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