Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Recently, heavy rains have caused widespread flooding in northeast Bangladesh, affecting millions of people. The floods have caused serious damage in Bangladesh: an estimated 7.2 million people have been affected in the north-eastern region of the country. Many families have been separated, and some residents, made homeless by the floods, have had to take shelter in open spaces. The safety and survival of the women and children in these households are of concern: they desperately need shelter and essential items urgently.

Bangladesh To help people in the flooded areas of Bangladesh cope with the disaster and rebuild their homes as soon as possible, CoinEx Charity sent a rescue team to help with supplies, including medicine and food, as soon as possible. The team then headed to Kurigram and Netrakona, two flooded regions. So far, the organization has donated many supplies to the residents affected by the floods, including 500 rice paddies, 500 beans, 500 onions, 500 potatoes, 500 cookies, 500 candles, 500 matches, 500 boxes of candy, 500 cold medicine , 500 sewer cleaning tablets, among many other supplements, helping more than 400 homes.

CoinEx Charity in Bangladesh According to reports from the UNICEF, the accumulated rainfall from the floods is worse than what the country had experienced in 1998 and 2004. Bangladesh has some 700 rivers, making it especially vulnerable to flooding during extreme weather events. There, floods are a regular threat to millions of people living in low-lying areas. Experts say climate change is increasing the frequency, ferocity and unpredictability of flooding in the country. Through the rescue efforts in Bangladesh, CoinEx Charity has taken good note of the real needs of the residents affected by this catastrophe. The floods submerged thousands of houses and caused the interruption of road communications and power cuts. Providing residents with much-needed items such as food and medicine, CoinEx Charity has carried out rescue efforts as well as charitable donations in the flooded areas. Although the rains have subsided and the water level has dropped, the country still faces tough challenges in terms of flood relief and resumption of work. CoinEx Charity calls on more charities, private entities, and caring businesses around the world to help Bangladesh overcome the current challenge.

CoinEx Charity in Bangladesh

Caring for disaster-affected regions with love

CoinEx Charity, leveraging the geographical advantages afforded by its global presence, is actively involved in charitable campaigns focused on disaster relief, COVID prevention, educational equity, and poverty alleviation in countries around the world. In the past six months, the organization has made donations worth more than $180,000. In January 2022, when the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Rai, CoinEx Charity immediately dispatched a rescue team to the country, made cash donations to disaster-affected areas, and distributed 300 supply packages. In February 2022, he not only provided New Year’s food packages to the poor in Iran, but also made emergency donations to Brazil when the country was hit by heavy rains. In May 2022, the organization launched the worldwide charitable donation of books. To date, he has visited 19 schools in 12 countries and has donated more than 12,000 books. Love never ends. CoinEx Charity will always focus on disadvantaged groups in need of help around the world. Leveraging the power of charity, CoinEx Charity will bring warmth to the world, contribute to charitable causes, and reach more people in need.

As a fast-growing company, CoinEx has created CoinEx Charity, the multi-million dollar charity fund to participate in charity events and give back to society through real actions while expanding its business operations. For CoinEx, making charitable efforts is contributing to the world and fulfilling its social responsibilities. Charity is not about a great organization performing heroic deeds. It should reflect the joint contribution of individuals and institutions. CoinEx Charity hopes that its charitable actions can encourage more charitable institutions to follow its example and make joint efforts to help the most disadvantaged around the world.

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