Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The first Telepsychology Observatory is born to analyze the humanization of technology in collaboration with TherapyChat and the People and Companies Foundation, in order to reflect on the challenges that digitalization poses in the fields of psychology. In this way, and aware of the increase in mental disorders that have occurred in the last two years, both organizations will start their activity with the organization of four discussion forums between the months of September and December. “Faced with the current difficulties in finding psychological support through the public system or the stigmatization that still accompanies emotional problems and that prevents many people from taking the step to seek help, Telepsychology TherapyChat offers a unique opportunity to democratize access to therapy”, explains Alessandro de Sario, founder and CEO of TherapyChat.

Telepsychology Observatory

The first forum will consist of a round table on the rise of burnout syndrome and the impact of this disorder that affects millions of workers each year. It will be during the second fortnight of September and will bring together large companies from key sectors of the economy, SMEs and startups with deep technological knowledge.

Telepsychology Observatory, this is how they analyze the humanization of technology

The authorized voices of the sessions will come together to debate and reflect on the search for joint solutions to alleviate one of the most common problems in the workplace. In addition, the Observatory will put a good number of actions among which are the call for webinars and training sessions that allow the exchange of knowledge, as well as the publication of articles and studies on the progress of the application of Telepsychology in companies.

By Alvaro Rivers

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