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Fast and Furious 10 fans can celebrate. It seems that the news that emerges from the shooting is really exciting…

Michelle Rodriguez has spoken about the new director of Fast and Furious 10. Is about louis leterrier. The filmmaker picked up the baton after the hasty departure of the veteran justin lin. This will be the tenth film in the franchise, but also the penultimate chapter in the saga. Although the details surrounding the plot of the film remain secret, we already know that both this and its sequel will be shot consecutively. The public can expect another rush of action and adrenaline, the two virtues that laid the foundations for the success of the saga.While attending the San Diego Comic Con 2022 to promote Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023), Michelle Rodriguez spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the director of Fast and Furious 10. Apparently, there are reasons to be excited about Louis Leterrier. The actress has been full of praise in favor of the filmmaker. She assures that she is contributing a lot to the franchise and there is hope.

The support is total in favor of the new director

“Louis Leterrier appeared on the set of Fast and Furious 10 with an energy full of love. We haven’t had that in the series for a long time. Something to be excited about, someone who is a true fan and really wants to take the franchise to places we’ve never gone before. We’ve been at this for twenty years, brother. After all that time, you get tired and forget why you do it. Until a director like Louis Leterrier arrives and reminds you that this is beautiful and that we can make friends. We’re very lucky to have him.” Michelle Rodriguez isn’t the only star who approves of Louis Leterrier’s choice as director. Own Vin Diesel shared a photo of her daughter and the director having a nice meeting on the set of Fast and Furious 10 at the end of May. The actor has turned to social networks to update all his followers on how the tenth installment of the saga is progressing. He has shared images behind the scenes and even meetings of different characters. That “family” thing is not just a simple meme. If we pay attention to what Michelle Rodríguez explained, it seems that Louis Leterrier has already joined that “family”. Share0

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