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A school in São Paulo (Brazil) began to teach its students the concepts of financial education, even addressing the issue of cryptocurrencies for the students. Classes started in early 2022, for elementary and middle school students. Financial education is still an unknown topic for many in Brazil, a country where most of the population still depends on savings, even in a scenario of high inflation. Recently, the issue became controversial after state deputy Luciana Genro (PSol-RS) criticized a bill to implement financial education in public schools. The case shed light on the importance of educating people on the subject from childhood, as a way to make the population aware of the opportunities to improve their lives, create a reserve of value, among other issues still unexplored by many.

Colégio de São Paulo initiates financial education for children and adolescents, presenting the concept of cryptocurrencies in classes

What would you do if you knew that saving is not an investment from your childhood? This is the reality that many parents try to show their children in home education programs on the subject. However, the Colégio Dante Alighieri, based in the São Paulo capital, began in 2022 to teach its students a topic that is mysterious to many: financial education. In this way, primary school students have already begun to take classes in a fixed subject during school hours, just like secondary school students. In total, there are 4,500 students learning about a relevant topic in a country where the subject is sadly taboo. In a note shared with Criptoinforma, the Dante Mathematics coordinator, Professor Milton Sgambatti, recalled that students change their attitude towards concepts, being more aware of their consumption and environmental problems.

“For years we have been working with students on topics such as compound interest, prompt payment discounts, installment payments, inflation and purchasing power, in interactive classes based on real topics such as the choice between using public transport or buying your own vehicle.

Some classes presented in the faculty already work so that students know the reality of cryptocurrencies, fixed income, variable income, savings, in matters that work on investment strategies.

5-year-old boy buys ice cream with bitcoin and video goes viral

Although few schools in Brazil still introduce their students to the reality of cryptocurrencies, children’s interest in this sector has become increasingly common around the world. In recent days, for example, a proud father presented a situation in which his 5-year-old son paid for an ice cream with Bitcoinusing a credit card that works with Lightning Network. With the evolution of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin as a means of payment around the worldfinancial education begins to reach Brazil, showing children and adolescents the advantages of these systems.

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