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For nearly twenty years, Adobe has made Premiere Pro the trusted editing platform for creating full-length and episodic content. Positioning itself as a leader in the post-production industry. Therefore, they have presented a Premiere Pro best practices and workflow guide created specifically for film and television editors. As of today, this comprehensive guide is now available to download for free.

Premiere Pro

Editors and post-production professionals will be able to learn in detail how the app works as Productions: First introduced in 2020, it has significantly improved performance and collaboration for episodic and long-form editorial teams. Early versions of this feature were tested on Hollywood productions such as Netflix’s MANK, Paramount Pictures’ Terminator: Dark Fate, Netflix’s Mindhunter, Netflix’s I Am Dolemite, and A24’s Everything Everywhere. In summary, here are some highlights of the guide:

Hardware and settings. Find out how Premiere Pro uses the power of modern computer hardware so you can find a system that fits your needs. Learn which preferences are important for high-level workflows.
Work with dailies. Starting with industry fundamentals, learn how Premiere Pro fits into the larger post-production process. Detailed study of dailies workflows will ensure that your project starts on the right track.

Adobe publishes a complete guide to Premiere Pro for producers of long-form and episodic videos

Work with Productions. Productions is essential to using Premiere Pro with an editorial team and fundamentally changing how Premiere Pro works. In this chapter you’ll see the power of splitting your project into phased production, as well as understanding this new paradigm of clip reference. Multicam edition. Premiere Pro features a deep and flexible multi-camera editing workflow. This chapter thoroughly explains how to understand which workflow is appropriate in which situations, and gives you the knowledge to confidently create your multicams and get to work. Dynamic Link with After Effects. Dynamic Link is a powerful way to view your After Effects work, such as titles or visual effects, directly in the Premiere Pro timeline, without rendering. Learn how to work with Dynamic Link with a collaborative editorial team. File sharing. This chapter includes best practices for collaborating with other professionals on color, audio mixing, and visual effects work. Learn how to set up your timeline and what settings are best for your workflow. Remote and cloud workflows. Premiere Pro is part of a broad ecosystem that supports a number of cloud-based and remote workflows.

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