Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Predator in Prey

Very soon Prey will be released, the new movie in the Predator saga that will bring quite interesting news for the fearsome alien.

Director of Prey, Dan Trachtenbergtalked about how the new film will put a new spin on the classic design of predator, while always staying true to the original version of the iconic human slayer. “It was about offering something new, but not changing it too much. In the iteration phase with the people who worked on the development of the suit, I really said: Let’s push it. Let’s break it down first and see what the design looks like when we change it so it doesn’t look like a Predator and then take a step back from that.” jaw… I wanted it to feel like it’s a new and exciting face to look at. One of the things that made the first movie so special, at least in the way that I remember seeing it for the first time, was that I thought Predator was what he looked like wearing his biological mask. That’s the Predator. That’s it.” “Then, there’s that amazing moment in the movie that precedes Arnold Schwarzeneger’s wonderfully quotable line when he takes off his mask. That’s when you realize: That’s not the creature… that’s it! I really wanted our movie to be able to have that too and have a surprise for even the most die-hard fans. It was a challenge. As scary as it was, I thought it would be worth making a real move on the Predator franchise.” concluded Dan Trachtenberg.So they wanted to shock the viewers and that’s why they changed the design of the face to predator. Hopefully it will be spectacular and we can enjoy Prey when it premieres on August 5, 2022 on Disney Plus.Share0

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