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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News Over the years, CD Projekt RED has been known for having teams of very talented creatives. This is why it attracts attention every time it is announced that former members of projects like The Witcher: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077 undertake something new. Just this happened with a new online project of ninjas in feudal Japan. We’re talking about the first project from Dark Passenger, a development team made up of former CD Projekt RED developers like Jakub Ben (The Witcher: Wild Hunt cutscene artist) and Marcin Michalski (Cyberpunk 2077 animator). This study is made up of veterans and “fresh blood” of the industry. As we already mentioned, Dark Passenger’s first project is an online game that will transport us to feudal Japan. There we will have the opportunity to participate in PvP and PvE aspects, taking the role of powerful ninja. The project will be packed with katanas, shurikens, and more cool weapons that you expect to see in the ninja world. Follow us on Google News “Our goal is to create highly exciting online experiences that are focused on cooperation and rivalry. We are fascinated by the interpersonal interactions, alliances, confrontations and unexpected twists,” said Dark Passenger.
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The still unnamed project is being developed in Unreal Engine 5, the graphics engine of the game Dark Passenger wants to get a lot of juice out of. We say this since they have plans to create an ambitious movement system that allows players to run on the arrows that others shoot or innocuous the possibility of climbing vertically up the walls. The Dark Passenger game is expected to come to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store). Unfortunately, it does not yet have a launch window, but we will keep an eye on it to inform you when we know more about it. What did you think of this project? Do you think Dark Passenger will deliver something very exciting? Tell us in the comments. Follow this link to see more news related to CD Projekt RED.
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