Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Actor John Krasinski has played Superman in the new movie of the DC Comics characters.

They just released DC Super Pet Leagues, the new animated film where we can see the great heroes of DC Comics What Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman either Flash. Although the story will really be starring cute animals. For the original version they have had a truly luxurious cast led by Dwayne Johnson like crypto, kevin hart like Ace, kate mckinnon like lulu, John Krasinski as Superman/Clark Kent, vanessa bayer like PB, natasha lyonne like Merton, diego moon like Chip, Marc Brown as Lex Luthor Keanu Reeves like batman, Thomas Middleditch like Keith, Ben Schwartz like Mark, Olivia Wilde as Lois Lane Maya Erskin as Mercy Graves yvette nicole brown like patty, Jameela Jamil like Wonder Woman, Jemaine Clement like Aquaman, John Early like The Flash, Dasha Polanco as Green Lantern, Daveed Diggs as Cyborg and alfred molina like Jor-El.

We will see the characters in different ways than other film versions.

In an exclusive interview with TDDirector of DC League of Super PetsJared Stern explained how the Superman of John Krasinski is different from henry cavill either Brandon Routh“We played his voice with our Superman image and it was just: Oh, that’s perfect. Sounds like Superman. And we liked what we got. We heard the actors’ voices, we heard clips of them acting in movies or on TV and also clips of them on a talk show, just to see what they’re like when they’re just being themselves and he kind of had that kind of childlike hero voice. And I think John is a great voice.” “And he was able to tweak his voice a little bit to be like his Superman, it was a little bit more like a little bit of getting things deadly right, a little bit of a guy who’s here to save you, but not too much. He still really feels like a regular guy who’s having trouble in our movie because he loves his dog. And his dog is a little jealous of his new relationship with his girlfriend, Lois Lane. I think he was this heroic Superman, but also a relatable Superman, who is going through the same kind of issues that we all have with our mascot.” “Visually, we had great character designers, a whole team of people. And, in a way, we chose some of our favorite things. I grew up loving the Christopher Reeve/Richard Donner Superman movies. So there is a bit of him in the design. There are some nods to the old Fleischer cartoons and the logo design. And then stuff that we all love, and then original stuff, because you really want me to. We wanted him to be like our Superman for our movie, but for him to also really feel like Superman. And we partnered with DC and Jim Lee and everybody, just to make sure that we always did what we felt like with each character to make it something original, but also always keep the core of what makes them that character for the fans.” I think what sets our guy apart is that you’re seeing Superman, the dog owner, which you don’t see much of. He is almost like Superman, like the father, a loving father who loves his baby so much. And he’s worried about him. And that’s a fun thing to see in Superman. He has all the powers in the universe, but he doesn’t have the power to figure out how to make his balance best friend to him and girlfriend to him.” he concluded Jared Stern.
DC League of Super Pets it’s already in theaters.

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