Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

The Zero Trust automated process, to verify everything before authentication and granting access, could, for example, verify the identity of a user requesting access, the device being used… With which the threat surface could be controlled . On this, and under the motto “never trust, always verify”, Hillstone Networks has united zero trust with its Hillstone ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) solution, which limits the exposure of applications and network connectivity until the connection or the request is fully authenticated. “The rapid digital transformation and adoption of the cloud are reconfiguring the way companies operate and, therefore, are changing the method of protecting these adjusted threat attack surfaces” explains Marcelo Palazzo, business development deputy director Spain, Latin & Caribbean.

ZTNA, Zero Trust

The ZTNA solution combines the principle of least privileged access and context-aware and adaptive control method to reduce attack surfaces in the organization. In this way, by leveraging the superior security capabilities of Hillstone Networks’ next-generation firewall, the ZTNA solution enables customers to implement a zero-trust strategy with minimal effort.

Hillstone Networks allows its clients strategies of ZeroTrust with your ZTNA solution

Identity and with the least privileges

ZTNA adopts the principle of “authenticate first, connect later”. Check endpoint health status, verify identity, and grant access privileges to intended applications or services on a need-to-know basis. Meanwhile, the solution’s environment-aware and adaptive access control is performed continuously to assess trust immediately and constantly. This continuous monitoring is similar to the intelligent routing capability of Hillstone’s SD-WAN. While SD-WAN continuously monitors links to determine which link should be used to maximize throughput and minimize bandwidth usage, ZTNA continuously monitors the context surrounding an endpoint to assess whether access should be logged or not. granted at a given time.

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