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The progressive lenses They are the ones that, unlike monofocals, allow you to see near and far with the same lens. They owe their name to the fact that their type of gradation is “progressive”, which means that the lower part is graduated to see near and the middle part to see far.

Progressive lenses. When are they necessary?

So if in your case you were diagnosed with presbyopia or you suffer from eyestraina, you are most likely looking for the progressive lenses that best suit your needs and the existing types that you can get. We assume that this is a somewhat complex issue, due to the wide variety of products that we can find on the market; In addition, it is not easy to choose the best progressive lenses for your specific case, especially if you lack information or the eye doctor has not yet given you his recommendations. Therefore, the first thing is to consult previously with your trusted ophthalmologist, to measure what type of magnification your vision requires, and thus proceed to find your ideal progressive lenses. If you want to have high quality progressive lenses We recommend you visit Essilor, here you will find: its official website, where you can discover the best progressive lenses on the market. However, it is also worth noting that There are different types of progressive lenses and very different pricesso you should study very well which is the one that best suits your budget, and provides you with the necessary guarantees for your eye health.

Types of progressive lenses

Standard lenses: These types of lenses are the most conventional types of progressive lenses. They are made up of a progressive frontal zone, and in the inner zone a simple surface is created to form the necessary power for its operation. Although this type of lens has some important limitations, among which we can find its extremely limited number of progressive areas, it does not allow the personalization of the lenses either, so its use is recommended for people who require lenses. only at very specific times of the day, such as to read or be on electronic devices that can tire the eyes.
High-end lenses: High-end lenses allow you to see both near, far and medium distances, perfectly and without difficulty, providing wider visual fields than the vast majority of common lenses, these types of lenses are more customizable and moldable. For example, like the progressive lenses of the Varilux series available at Essilor, with a wide range of glasses series that allow adaptation to very diverse needs. Among some notable series we can find:

Varilux progressive lenses

Varilux X-series: These progressive lenses provide you with the greatest comfort in the same course that provides natural vision for near, medium and long distances without any difficulty.
Varilux E series: Is Varilux progressive lens seriesis characterized by allowing rapid adaptation and a sharper vision, so they are ideal for people who are just entering the world of progressive lenses.
Varilux ipseo binocular booster: These lenses are very special, since they are designed through the visual footprint created by the userbecoming the first progressive lens of its kind.

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