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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram Restrictions in China are an everyday thing and although the norm is that society is subdued, there are always those who seek to go around the rules to get away with it. Since 1997, the production, distribution, and sale of pornography has been prohibited, but some Steam users have found a secret door on Valve’s platform that allows them to share adult content.
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An app for Steam in China is used to share adult content

A Kotaku report revealed the reason why the Wallpaper Engine app is in the Top 10 games on Steam in its Chinese version. It’s not that users are entertained by creating static and dynamic wallpapers with landscapes from their country, but through this app they found a way to share pornography. According to the information, there is currently a record of 1.6 million wallpapers created in the application available on Steam, only in the Chinese market, the detail is that 7.5% include image and video material with explicit sex scenes.

“It is not that users are entertained creating static and dynamic wallpapers with landscapes of their country, but through this app they found a way to share porn”

As for the type of content, it is revealed that most of the images or scenes include characters from franchises such as Overwatch, Final Fantasy and Genshin Impact. As pointed out by Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, the fact that Steam in its version for China is accessible without the need for a VPN makes this type of situation take place within a gray area that is used by users to share this type of content.

However, now that this has come to light, it may be that the days of using the Wallpaper Engine app are numbered in the Asian country, whose authorities are always aware of any content that violates their conception of good morals. Since we are talking about the tense relationship between China and video games, we remind you that the first drop in income in the gaming industry in this country in a decade has just been confirmed, as a result of the recent restrictions on content and game times ordered by the government. However, this also opened up the possibility for Chinese video game companies to see the West as a market they can exploit with big productions. Still here at WTTSpod.
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