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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram Video games have come a long way as a form of entertainment to position themselves as one of the main forms worldwide and their influence on other media is growing, in fact a gaming proposal can be the inspiration for other projects as important as the return of Jurassic Park. We say this because it was recently revealed that Jurassic World exists because of an idea arising from a plan for a video game.
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Seamus Blackley was the creator of Jurassic World

Through a series of tweets on his official account on the social network, Seamus Blackley, internationally famous for being the creator of the first Xbox, revealed that at some point he worked with Steven Spielberg and the idea of ​​​​a video game that in the end was not carried out ended for being the right influence to shape Jurassic World. According to Blackley, in the mid-1990s he joined the ranks of DreamWorks Interactive to produce the game Trespasser, a sequel to EA’s 1998 film The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

“The premise was that this time people wanted to know about the dinosaurs rather than trying to dominate them”

This approach with the Jurassic Park franchise and the relationship with Steven Spielberg united both creatives and Blackley participated in some projects of the famous film director. However, in 2012 the filmmaker thought it was time to bring the franchise back with a new story and part of his market proposal would go hand in hand with the development of a video game. The person in charge of this would be Seamus Blackley, who thought of something inspired by Trespasser, but this time the story would show a conflict between those who sought to respect and maintain the new order of the dinosaurs on the island that witnessed their return and those who sought to profit from it. they. The premise was that this time people wanted to know about the dinosaurs rather than trying to dominate them.

Ironically, the project was called Jurassic World and even had a leaked trailer in 2013. However, the development process did not go well and in the end it was cancelled, but the story had enough interest for Steven Spielberg to keep it going now. Based on it, he decided to create the Jurassic World film series, the first film of which was released in 2015. Continue here at WTTSpod.
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