Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Prosegur Y microsoft have successfully completed the first year of their long-term agreement, established with the aim of undertaking a deep process of modernization and digitization of the leading company in the private security sector in Spain. The project involves the automation of its processes, as well as the increase in its connectivity, scalability and flexibility, which is making it possible for Prosegur to optimize its operations, implement a more collaborative model and achieve a more productive structure. Similarly, the alliance between the two companies is aimed at co-innovation and generation of new products, as well as the employee training of Prosegur by Microsoft, as the cornerstone of this transformation process. In the field of co-innovationMicrosoft has collaborated with Prosegur in the launch of intelligent 360º cameras with video-analytics based on Azure. Currently, there are already more than 45,000 cameras that are linked to the Video Analytics Platform in the Azure cloud. These developments in home security have meant that, in less than three months, GenzAI home have registered more than 10,000 active clients. Also, has increased by 38% the use of the Alarms app and 80% of the video functionality. Its scalability is another technological challenge and, in this aspect, Prosegur has achieved that some 500 new customers daily download the app from the cloud without any operational problems. In addition, it includes functions such as notification history with filters, customer service or direct connection with the remote repair service. These smart cameras strengthen Prosegur’s 360º security and alarm system while the videos and audios provide useful information to other services such as Acuda, motorized movement of a home security guard.

Microsoft has collaborated with Prosegur in the launch of intelligent 360º cameras with video-analytics based on Azure

The alliance with Microsoft has also made possible the commercial launch of a Monitoring of Client Processes based on Azure IoT (Security, Operations Monitoring). With this, Prosegur can manage signals from different sources to provide Business Continuity services to its clients, control critical processes from its centers and alert in the event of any incident. In addition, Prosegur has incorporated into its surveillance service for events Yellowan intelligent robotic dog, equipped with IoT connectivity and Artificial Intelligence. Yellow connects to Prosegur’s SOC (Security Operations Center) through GenzAI, its IoT and AI platform deployed in Azure and which allows it to provide intelligence to the robotic dog. For Javier Cabrerizo, Global Managing Director of Prosegur, “The alliance with Microsoft is allowing us to speed up the construction of our technological infrastructure and the incorporation of the necessary tools for the transformation of our activities. In this first year we have provided analytical video capabilities to our alarms and our security services, we have enabled the connection of IoT devices and image processing with Artificial Intelligence in our security operating centers (SOC), we have increased our measures of protection in cybersecurity and we continue to provide better capabilities to the workplace of our 150,000 employees”.
Rebeca Marciel, Director of Large Companies at Microsoft in Spain, pointed out: “For us, this year of joint work with Prosegur has meant great learning in the way of co-creating, setting goals and defining a path that meets the expectations of both parties. This collaboration model has made it possible to shorten times in the use of technology as a lever for transformation and innovation and has enabled the generation of new business for both companies”.

New models of teleworking, cybersecurity and training

Prosegur has completed the start-up of a telecommuting modelbased on the intensive use of Microsoft collaboration cloud tools (Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and Windows 365 virtual desktops for telecommuting, among others), from which more than 30,000 employees in the 26 countries where the company is present. In addition, Prosegur has reinforced its cybersecurity model, in which Microsoft tools and technologies are now intensively involved, such as the identity management and multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution centralized in Azure; the Defender solution for cybersecurity management of PCs; Azure Security Center for cybersecurity management of Servers; and Microsoft Sentinel for managing CiberSoc alerts. It also includes Microsoft 365 Security for the management of cybersecurity of mail and Office documents, as well as various Windows technologies that improve cybersecurity and Windows 365 virtual desktops specially designed for the development of operations in the field of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). On the other hand, and as a result of the agreement between Prosegur and Microsoft, the migration to Azure of more than 160 systems and applications relevant to Prosegur, which includes some critical applications in the provision of customer services such as SMART, the Prosegur Alarms app, or POPS, the Prosegur Security Operating Platform. The relevance of this migration process should be highlighted, since it is allowing a strong boost in the development of different innovation projects.

Training has been an important focus in the first year of collaboration between Prosegur and Microsoft, as a fundamental axis for the development of the transformation project. Specifically, a total of 434 courses through Microsoft Learn, aimed at personnel from the areas of IT, innovation and Cipher (Prosegur’s Cybersecurity business unit), both in Spain and in other countries in which the company operates, and have been awarded 140 certifications.

By Alvaro Rivers

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