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Creating a secure IT infrastructure is essential given the increase in cyberattacks in recent years, it is an issue that concerns corporations and public administrations. In 2021 alone, there were 51 billion attacks through the remote desktop function, with Spain being the country most affected by these offensive break-ins. Today, these computer attacks are already established as one of the 10 main threats in the world, as pointed out in the Global Risks Report of the World Economic Forum. One of the last authorities affected by this problem has been Christine Lagarde, the president of the European Central Bank, which highlights the need to protect oneself against these cyberattacks, since no one is exempt from being a victim. Most of them are Ransomware, Phishing or DDoS attacks, which can cause devastating economic losses in companies and in the administration. As in many war conflicts, attacking is not always the best strategy. Something similar happens in these cases, since the creation of a secure IT infrastructure that guarantees full protection becomes one of the most effective alternatives to deal with these cyber risks.

The creation of a secure IT infrastructure that guarantees full protection becomes one of the most effective alternatives to deal with cyber attacks

In this sense, the Italian technology company Praim offers endpoint management software solutions to guarantee their complete security. These include Praim Agile, which allows companies to protect endpoints, wherever they are, thanks to its ability to lock down the desktop interface. This makes it possible to replace the standard Windows interface with a “smart” and controlled one that resembles the appearance of a mobile device and gives the user access to available resources. Agile also allows you to lock down and control access to system settings. The end user has access only to the applications and tools presented in the simplified Agile interface, while only administrators can access the system configuration, being able to take advantage of the Microsoft Unified Write Filter management to block disk writing. The “human factor” can sometimes affect the occurrence of certain vulnerabilities that could affect not only the endpoint but the entire infrastructure. To address this issue, Agile provides the ability to block the use of peripherals (it is possible to enable specific peripherals and block others, or block specific types of peripherals, for example all USB data storage). In addition, the combination of Agile software with the ThinMan management console enables security automation by replicating all functions on all devices through ThinMan, cloning a single profile.

Peculiarities of Praim Agile

This software solution is available in three versions: Agile4PC, aimed at the centralized management of all Windows devices, guaranteeing easy access to VDI at all times, as well as the security of the entire IT infrastructure; Agile4Linux, focused on the management of Linux devices offering perfect VDI access, scalability, customization, cost reduction for the operating system, as well as complete security and protection; On the other hand, there is the Agile4Pi, which allows the centralized management of Raspberry devices in a versatile and safe way, being able to create personalized access policies.

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