Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

The spin-off of The Batman starring The Penguin has announced when it will begin filming. It has been confirmed by Colin Farrell himself.

In a recent interview, they asked Colin Farrell about the tv series update The Penguin in hbo max. Colin Farrell said that he is tremendously busy for the rest of the year. However, he will start filming the spin-off of batman next February. “There’s something I’m going to do here in Los Angeles, from here until Christmas. I think that next February we will start filming the spin-off of The Batman with The Penguin“, affirmed the actor. Colin Farrell also stated that he took a look at the script and seems to be genuinely excited. He has highly praised the direction, which will be overseen by Mr. Matt Reeves.

DC’s “Microverse” Centered on Bat Man

“I read the first script for what I think will be six or eight hours,” he explained. “It was very tasty. I was like… Damn, it’s really nice!” The spin-off of batman with The Penguin will premiere on HBO Max, probably starting in 2024. It will focus on the Oswald Cobblepot by Colin Farrell, who will take advantage of the state of emergency and chaos that Gotham City after what happened in the movie. We don’t know exactly what he is preparing Warner Bros. Pictures with his DC Cinematic Universe. After starting with the man of steel (2013), it seemed that it had been structured around a radically different tone from that of Marvel Studios. However, what has happened has meant that now we do not know very well where they are going. After seeing batmanit was confirmed that there would be spin-off series, one of them starring El Pingüino and another by the joker of Barry Keoghan.We will have to wait to learn more details. But this DC microverse looks pretty good…

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