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Blockchain Land: The web 3 talent encounter is the first event in Latin America that seeks to train and add talent to the blockchain ecosystem More than 10 thousand face-to-face attendees and 500 thousand online 4 scenarios: Finances, NFT, Entrepreneurship and Developers Guinness record for the largest bitcoin presentation in the world

In order to generate multidisciplinary knowledge about this new technology and become the gateway to web3, comes the first edition in Nuevo Léon of Blockchain Land: The web 3 talent encounter that will take place from October 5 to 7 at Cintermex.

“This event is a great opportunity to generate new talents, who can become unicorns in the near future,” shared José Rodríguez, CEO of Blockchain Land. during the launch of this event; who also emphasized the importance of making industries aware of the benefits of these new technologies that are driving a technological, social and economic revolution. In this first edition, priority will be given to The learning, interaction and networking between communities, industries, university students and the general public interested in the block chain. In addition to helping you traditional companies are transformed with the implementation of this technology. Blockchain Land will be in hybrid format that aims to reach around 10 thousand face-to-face attendees and more than 500 thousand onlineseeking to connect the Latin American ecosystem and add all those enthusiastic talents to enter this new world.

“We seek to innovate and complement the development of 21st century talent, inviting people to learn what can be done with blockchain technology and how to do it, forming part of the economic revolution that this technology brings with it”, highlighted Raúl Martin Porcel. , International CEO of Talent Network.

Raúl Martin Porcel, International CEO of Talent Network

To bring talent to a great experience, there will be four thematic scenarios: Finance, NFT, Entrepreneurship and Developers, where they will learn concepts within the Blockchain world and how it advances by leaps and bounds. In each of these scenarios, they will learn about decentralized finance (DeFi), Trading, the Gems within the crypto world, everything related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and how they relate to the arts, the metaverse and gaming. Likewise, they will learn about the tokenization, They will learn how the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) and Smart Contracts. Developing Talent for the 21st Century is one of the main attractions of this first edition of Blockchain Land in Nuevo León, which is why it is intended to achieve the Guinness Record for the largest bitcoin presentation in the world, thanks to the great face-to-face and digital reach in the great community talentworld, a simple app from which talents can experience the event virtually and be part of this great feat.

“Blockchain is a world beyond crypto, Binance has the responsibility to be one of the main educators, bringing talents closer to knowing and delving deeper into this technology, expanding the world of blockchain and web 3 to more people”, he pointed out. Carolina Carnelli, Director of Marketing LATAM Binance.

Carolina Carnelli, Director of Marketing LATAM Binance.  Blockchain Land press conference.Carolina Carnelli, Director of Marketing LATAM Binance

Secondly, the director of tourism development of Nuevo León, Mauricio Zavala, explained that the entity is the second economic power in Mexicopointing out that by supporting this type of event, promotes the educational panorama of young people by bringing them closer to this new technological revolution that is being experienced today. There will also be a space called Blockchain Land for Business, dedicated for professionals from different industries to know the possibilities that the blockchain application to gain competitiveness in the future, where topics such as industry 4.0, services and commerce, real estate and finance will be addressed. Similarly, there will be the initiative Startup Garden, where the most promising Startups in Mexico that use Blockchain technology will be present, in order to introduce themselves to investors, looking for the opportunity to obtain financial support, as well as create networking. To find out all the details of the event and be able to attend, the talents can purchase their tickets, both face-to-face and digital, on the official website:

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