Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The Data Center market in Europe is growing and the Iberian Peninsula has achieved a major role in the sector, joining the cities of Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris. In fact, CBRE estimates that demand will be boosted until 300MW is contracted during 2022. A figure of 380MW was already reached last year, due to the delay generated in 2020. In this way, the first quarter of 2022 registered a take -up of 41MW, led by the cities of London and Amsterdam, which occupy 83% of it “The Data Center is the only sector whose raw material has an expected infinite growth. Investors have the possibility to buy cheap land, build a sophisticated real estate asset and attract first-class tenants”, explains Elliot Zounon, Director of Data Center Solutions Iberia at CBRE.

Growth in the European data center sector in the first quarter of 2022

Data Centers in Iberia

Given the growth of data centers in Europe, large companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, Google, Oracle and IBM have announced the opening of a ‘Cloud’ region in Madrid. And it is that, according to CBRE data, while the FLAP markets are expected to grow around 20-30% per year, Madrid expects a growth of 540%, Barcelona 500% and Lisbon will go from a virtually non-existent offer to be one of the most important places in Europe. Specifically, Madrid will go from 72MW in 2021 to 116MW in 2022. The market will reach nearly 400MW in three years. Meanwhile, Barcelona will go from 17MW to 26MW in 2022 and will reach 85MW in three years.

By Alvaro Rivers

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