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Editorial: Anime / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram It is possible that at some point your parents told you to stop watching Dragon Ball Z or another anime so that you could start doing “something useful”. Although the perception of these productions is much more positive today, the truth is that there are still many prejudices around. Luckily, a young student once again proved that both Japanese animated series and manga can be beneficial if given the right approach. As our friends from Tarreo highlighted, a few days ago the story of a Chilean university student who is currently working on a thesis on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, the popular manga created in 1987 by the writer and cartoonist Hirohiko Araki, gained momentum.
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This young university student from Chile did a thesis on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure to graduate

The author of this unique research work is Esteban Briones, a student at the Universidad de la Frontera in Chile. His case reached social networks thanks to the professor and journalist Javier Sandoval, who shared the cover of his student’s thesis. “I’m just here to show what happens when an otaku teacher and student join forces on a journalism thesis. Let it not be said that you cannot graduate thanks to anime, ”said the professor on his personal Twitter account.

Now, what is the topic that Esteban Briones addressed in his thesis? The document is called “Historical evolution of the stereotype of masculinity in the narrative and visual construction of the work Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”. Thus, it seems that the young man analyzed the aesthetic changes that occur throughout Hirohiko Araki’s project. In case you didn’t know, the action-adventure manga had extremely muscular male leads during the early arcs. However, the mangaka changed his style over the years and now both the main and secondary characters are slimmer and slimmer. “Each manga saga reflects a specific time in the history of humanity and the art takes on those nuances. So the concept of masculinity has also been deconstructed through the different sagas, “said Javier Sandoval in statements to the BioBioChile portal. Although Esteban Briones’ thesis is still in progress, it may be completed by the end of this year. Fortunately, the feedback from the professors of the academic institution is extremely positive so far, according to the teacher who helps the student in this investigative work.
In case you missed it: Datebayo! Psychology university student thanked Naruto in his thesis But tell us, what do you think of the Chilean student’s project? Would you dare to write a thesis on your favorite anime? Let us read you in the comments. You will find more news related to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure if you click here.
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