Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Editorial: TV / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram Netflix lost an unprecedented number of subscribers this year, forcing it to look for new ways to improve its income. One of them was to start charging more to people who share their account with friends or family, an initiative that, as you can imagine, generated the apathy of thousands of consumers. While the complaints of the users do not stop invading the social networks, a competitor knew how to take advantage of the controversy. In case you didn’t know, the extra charge for sharing accounts came to certain regions as part of a pilot program. Now, it has been confirmed that users from Argentina and other Central American countries will be the next to have to pay an additional amount for sharing their passwords.
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β€œ#ChauNetflix”, Amazon Prime Video makes fun of Netflix and causes a furor on social networks

With good reason, consumers in those territories expressed their disgust through social networks such as Twitter. Neither short nor lazy, the account for Latin America of Prime Video, Amazon’s popular streaming service, joined the conversation with a unique meme that has already given much to talk about. Specifically, the profile shared an image where we see Homelander, the protagonist of The Boys, with his arms outstretched with the word “Welcome” at the bottom. The hint towards his rival is in the body of the tweet, as we can read the hashtags #ChauNetflix and #HolaPrimeVideo along with an emoticon of the Argentine flag.

Surprisingly, the streaming service’s bold post was liked by most netizens. While some users joked that Amazon should give the Community Manager a raise, others said they will hire the service. Of course, there were also those who attacked the user interface and other elements of Prime Video.

But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Do you think it’s right that companies take advantage of bad decisions by their rivals to promote themselves? Let us read you in the comments. You will find the latest news from Prime Video and its projects if you click here. On the other hand, on this page you can read more information about Netflix.
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