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Do you live in Madrid and are you considering improving your smile? There are many people who want to correct the defects of their teeth, but do not want to use the classic brackets. At Clínica Dental Bonadent we use new techniques and orthodontic treatments in Madrid, that help improve the smile and correct misaligned teeth without having to worry about your aesthetics. Do you know the advantages of invisible braces or Invisalign?

What is invisible orthodontics?

Invisible orthodontics, also known as Invisalign, is a cosmetic orthodontic treatment using clear plastic aligners and corrects any dental defect, no matter how serious the bad position or crowding of the teeth. It even reduces treatment times due to the precision and technology it uses. Currently, there are a large number of people looking for an aesthetic alternative in order to align their teeth. With this innovative treatment you can improve your bite, dental crowding or diastemas, the spaces between the teeth, with a modern, comfortable and invisible system.

Phases of invisible orthodontic treatment

Invisalign is a treatment that can be carried out by any type of patient, from adolescents to adults. However, it is more useful in simpler cases of crowding, but it also works in moderate crowding or in patients with any other type of more severe pathology. It does not usually have a specific duration, treatment will depend on the dental needs of each patient. The minimum duration is usually about 3 months, and we can find cases of up to 24 months. Something important to keep in mind is that invisible orthodontics is neither longer nor shorter than other classic orthodontic treatments, it will always depend on the patient’s pathology. Our orthodontists divide the Invisalign treatment in 6 phases.

Oral study of the patient.

Before starting treatment, a orthodontic study so that our specialists know your case. In this first phase, a series of tests will be carried out to obtain a general diagnosis and know the steps to follow.

Second appointment with the patient and treatment details.

In this second meeting, our orthodontists will show the patient how their mouth will look at the end of the treatment. With the program clinchekit will be possible to visualize in 3D how the evolution of your teeth will be until you achieve the desired result before placing the first splints.

Placement of attachments and aligners.

Next, once all the tests and studies have been carried out, the necessary attachments will be placed. The attachments allow the aligner to be better fixed to the dental piece, to be able to carry out the micromovements correctly. Here we will give all the information of Oral hygiene that the patient should follow to obtain optimal results. It is important to know that each attachment has a specific function in a certain movement in the tooth.

Follow-up of the evolution of the treatment

Once the aligners are placed, the patient will have to go to his medical check-up every month and a half or two months, so that the specialist analyzes and has control over the progress of your treatment. As indicated by our orthodontists, the aligners will have to be renewed periodically, according to the diagnosis of each review.

Refinement or final adjustment of the smile

Refinement is the phase that is carried out once the renewal of the aligners has been completed. In this phase, a virtual study of the patient’s mouth is carried out again to place refinement aligners, which are extra aligners that are used to achieve the optimal result. This stage is only carried out if the orthodontist considers that the work can be improved, that is, not all patients use refinement aligners.


When we already obtain the final result, our specialists will place retention bars to maintain the result over time. The retainer bars are wire strands very similar to aligners, but more rigid and usually go from fang to fang. This is the most important phase of invisible orthodontic treatment, because it is the one that gives permanence to the treatment.

Advantages of invisible orthodontics

The main advantage of invisible orthodontic treatment it is his invisibility, as his name indicates. It allows us to treat the patient’s malocclusion without the orthodontic appliances being perceived. Many other benefits should also be highlighted, such as: • It is removable and comfortable for the patient. • Improves aesthetics. • Allows perfect oral hygiene. • Tailor-made treatment. • Compatible with other treatments. • Less wear on the teeth. Imagine being able to have confidence in your smile without the embarrassment or inconvenience of metal braces, with Invisalign you can achieve it. In Bonadent Dental Clinic We help you build a great smile with a invisible orthodontic treatment in Madrid comfortable and aesthetic. You can make an appointment or come visit us at C/Martín de los Heros 78. We are waiting for you!

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