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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram Nintendo found a great creative ally in The LEGO Group, because thanks to him it has expanded its Super Mario franchise through great LEGO products. Proof is the association’s latest product, a fantastically expensive Bowser figure made from a bunch of parts. If you thought it would be the largest LEGO figure in the Nintendo universe, you’re wrong, because today it was revealed that there will be a colossal statue worthy of the power of King Koopa. The Lego Group and Nintendo will launch a Boswer LEGO set in October and today it was revealed that both are preparing a great campaign to promote this new collaboration. We say this because The LEGO Group will be holding an exhibition for which it will assemble a massive 663,900-piece Bowser, which will be an enlarged version of the commercially debuted model, Super Mario The Mighty Bowser.
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The Koopa King Will Take Over San Diego Comic-Con 2022

One key difference is that the gigantic version will be multi-jointed, allowing you to move your head, arms, hands, eyes, eyebrows, and even your mouth. According to the details, this exhibition will not only be available at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 in California, which will take place from July 21 to 24; Also, this huge statue will appear in the LEGO World in the Netherlands, according to information from GameSpot. Here’s a trailer that shows just how cool the Bowser LEGO statue will be.
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