Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Factors such as inflexible pricing plans, management tools that don’t offer the necessary level of control, and data that isn’t stored where it should be, adds up to a 25% increase in cloud spending. This is highlighted in the Couchbase report, ‘Evolution of the cloud’, where it is revealed that an average company in Spain spends more than €25M per year on cloud services, this would mean that these companies could save more than 5, 1m or put it elsewhere if companies and cloud providers solved all the challenges. “The impact of the cloud on large enterprises cannot be denied, as it gives them greater scalability and agility. Similarly, it gives small businesses access to services and applications that they could never implement internally”, says Esaú Alonso, Couchbase Country Manager for Spain and Portugal.

cloud spending

The survey has revealed that cloud services are not meeting expectations, and are even adding complications as well as costs. In fact, 46% of Spanish companies said that the decisions made in the past about the cloud had made digital transformation projects difficult in 2021, and for 45% it had been more expensive. Specifically, among the factors that companies consider to increase spending on the cloud are:

the need to improve safety and compliance
the lack of information on company spending and formulas to optimize costs
supplier dependency
unflexible pricing plans
the fact that the data is not stored in the place necessary to meet regulatory or performance requirements

42% of Spanish companies state that the cloud services adopted in the last 3 years have not met expectations

Infrastructure Transition

In Spain, 47% of companies have had to reduce their interest in the digital transformation of their business due to the challenges posed by cloud services, while 46% have chosen cloud services that do not offer the possibility to scale the business to meet demand. Despite all this, 95% of those surveyed globally say that the increase in the movement of infrastructure to the cloud is inevitable. Added to all this is the increase in spending on the cloud. Thus, companies want 58% of their IT spending to be invested in the public cloud by 2025, while in Spain it is currently at 46%, close to reaching the goal.

By Alvaro Rivers

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