Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Today Geecool is launched in Spain, the first reconditioned brand of Spanish origin aimed at mass consumption. Geecool was born with the aim of offering technology consumers in our country a reliable alternative when purchasing a restored technological product to give it a new life. Initially, the brand will focus on smartphones with a view to expanding its offering to other types of consumer electronics devices in the future. Unlike other refurbished services, it will operate without intermediaries. “Geecool is part of the different actions that we are carrying out at SPC and that demonstrate our commitment to the environment and our commitment to the circular economy,” explains Teresa Acha-Orbea, general director of SPC.

Refurbished Devices

The birth of this new brand reaffirms SPC’s commitment to innovation and the needs of a consumer who is increasingly concerned about sustainability and who resorts to forms of consumption aligned with the circular economy. At a time when electronic waste is estimated to reach 57.4 million tons, reconditioned electronics is presented as a viable alternative to reduce the amount of waste we generate, as well as the carbon footprint produced in the manufacture and destruction of our devices.

Geecool is born, the first Spanish reconditioned brand aimed at mass consumption

According to the IDC consultancy, the sale of refurbished devices in Spain will grow at a rate above 13.6% until 2023, when it is expected to reach a total of 332.9 million units sold. In the specific case of smartphones, a category in which Geecool will focus on its launch, Counterpoint points out that the sale of refurbished smartphones grew 3 times more than that of new devices during 202

Geecool also for committed companies

In addition to the consumer segment, Geecool will be available for professionals. SPC has deep knowledge and extensive experience in the professional segment through its SPC for Business division, specialized in unified communication and collaboration solutions for companies. With this expertise as a premise, companies and freelancers also have at their disposal the new offer of Geecool refurbished devices and can benefit from the guarantee of service and quality, flexibility and custom solutions characteristic of SPC.

By Alvaro Rivers

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