Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

The digitization of companies with hybrid multicloud is the novelty of Vodafone in its alliance with Kyndryl, to help corporate clients in the Spanish market to adopt this type of cloud strategies. The agreement will allow both companies to offer the best ecosystem of services and technologies that help organizations accelerate their digitization, based on a cloud infrastructure that facilitates the development of technologies such as IoT or 5G. “We are convinced that this agreement will allow companies to consolidate their digital transformation process thanks to the best ecosystem of cloud computing, IoT and 5G services that we make available to them, and that it is key in a context in which technological changes are they produce at a great speed”, explains Colman Deegan, CEO of Vodafone Spain.

Alliance Basics

The range of services offered jointly under the framework of this alliance includes the entire digitization process in the cloud, with the aim of meeting the technical and business requirements of each organization.

Vodafone partners with Kyndryl to digitize businesses with hybrid multicloud

First, advice is provided on adopting the cloud, how to undertake the transformation and how to take advantage of its benefits. After this, the design, implementation and configuration of the new multicloud infrastructure is carried out, as well as the migration of the current infrastructure and applications to the new environments. Finally, cloud environments distributed across different platforms, providers, locations and services are monitored, managed and maintained.

Hybrid Multicloud

The Hybrid Multicloud strategy allows companies to distribute their applications and workloads between different public and private cloud providers, as well as in their own facilities (on-premise). The alliance offers the following advantages: Security: the more technological alternatives a company has, the better possibilities of data protection. Cost reduction: Due to the flexibility of hybrid multicloud environments, companies can choose the most viable financial option based on their needs. Autonomy: each organization is free to choose the best location for each of its applications, depending on the needs of its services. Infrastructure optimization: Infrastructure can be customized and optimized according to business needs. Flexibility: Organizations will have the ability to integrate different cloud providers.

By Alvaro Rivers

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