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When choosing to work in a cloud environment, several mistakes are usually made, most of them due to ignorance. In this environment, Microsoft 365 is one of the most implemented solutions in organizations because it improves employee productivity, is very easy to use and provides more than beneficial features for companies. But. what about security? This is one of the common mistakes, and many organizations believe that their data is protected and secure in Office 365, since they mistakenly believe that the solution provider is in charge of protecting it. The reality is that Microsoft offers security for the solution to work or to prevent intrusions, but data protection is the responsibility of the company. Companies must, therefore, implement security measures to protect the data that works on Microsoft 365 and among all of them, there are two fundamental ones: those in charge of protecting email and those of making backups that allow, in the event of suffering a data loss, being able to return to work where you left off before that loss occurred.

Which solution to choose

All kinds of solutions and tools of this type can be found on the market, but it is advisable to select the one that best suits the company’s protection needs. In this sense, Hornetsecurity’s 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup is a perfect solution for any company that has Microsoft 365 implemented, as it protects it against the most common threats that come through e-mail, such as phishing, ransomware, advanced threats, and, in addition, , protects against data loss in a single, all-in-one, cloud-based backup and email security suite.

365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup by Hornetsecurity is a perfect solution for any company that has Microsoft 365 implemented

The problem with Microsoft 365 is that it has more and more users. Around 180 million employees worldwide use it. As it is the majority job option among companies, cybercriminals pay more attention to it than to other tools, since, statistically, it will be easier for their cyberattacks to be successful. It has been Microsoft itself that has warned that cyberattacks directed at the old Office 365 have increased by around 250%. That is why it is increasingly necessary to add other layers of security. The advantage that Hornetsecurity tools provide is that they deploy a series of powerful technologies to combat various types of email-targeted malware, security attacks and much more. An added bonus is that it hides Microsoft DNS and MX records, which helps deflect would-be attackers. But above all, it is the combination of backup and email protection technologies that makes this solution a perfect tool for data protection within Microsoft 365. When it comes to email protection, the solution from Hornetsecurity provides spam filtering and email security. It can do this because its technology monitors all mail traffic in real time and defines filtering and delivery options. This same technology has an extended filter that automatically checks all email traffic (including attachments) against self-defined filter rules. The solution is tremendously complete. For example, one of the biggest problems of all Microsoft 365 users is fighting spam. Microsoft incorporates the possibility that the user can define what spam is, in order to prevent a sender from sending mail again. But the reality is that this possibility is not always effective and thousands of spam emails, many of which contain some type of malware, continue to fill users’ inboxes. 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup addresses this issue with multi-level filtering and in-depth scanning for immediate detection and defense. The tool also has forensic analysis and ATP sandbox in such a way that using AI-based detection mechanisms provides an effective defense and protects against targeted and combined attacks through dynamic analysis. However, the functionality of the solution proposed by Hornetsecurity does not end here. And it is that, in the event that, for example, a phishing email manages to cross all the barriers, the tool also provides URL malware control. In this way, it secures all Internet addresses contained in an email communication using Hornetsecurity’s web filter.

The importance of backup

As the IT departments of a company know, total security does not exist. Not only that, but data loss can occur not only due to an attack, but also due to external elements such as, for example, a power failure. Therefore, for these situations, establishing a backup strategy is essential. And in this sense, 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup also incorporates it. Thanks to this tool, automated backups are made for mailboxes, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint in such a way that Microsoft 365 data is automatically backed up several times a day. In addition, it performs backup and recovery of Windows-based endpoints. In this way, you can back up any endpoint, whether in the office or anywhere in the world, without resorting to a VPN. In addition, it performs an audit of account activity, reviewing a series of actions such as the activation or deactivation of mailboxes, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint backups by users; your data browsing activity and your restoration requests. In short, 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup is a solution that incorporates the two most necessary elements to protect Microsoft 365 environments, such as mail and backup. All this, in a single solution, very easy to manage and from a cloud environment.

By Alvaro Rivers

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