Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Cybercriminals and advanced cyberattacks are no longer limited to large organizations, as they were in the past. Today, businesses of any size are at risk of data theft, espionage, and ransomware attacks bringing their business to a standstill. In connection with this, Bitdefender has launched MDR Foundations, a new managed security service that provides continuous threat detection and response, intelligence-driven threat hunting, and highly trained security experts. “MDR Foundations addresses critical gaps in security coverage by offering managed threat detection and response that is affordable, easy to deploy, and scalable based on business needs,” said Ryan Walsh, COO of Pax8.

Bitdefender MDR Foundations

Bitdefender MDR Foundations is designed to address the security challenges presented by digital transformation and the move to cloud environments. It adds to the company’s existing portfolio with MDR Premium and MDR Enterprise. Unlike other competing MDR offerings that are simply managed antivirus or EDR, MDR Foundations provides businesses of any size with a comprehensive managed detection and response security service. The main benefits of MDR Foundations include:

24/7 Threat Monitoring, Detection, and Response: MDR Foundations helps clients harden environments to help prevent breaches, and then continuously monitors and removes threats like ransomware, zero-days, and phishing attempts across endpoints, networks, and cloud environments. Highly-skilled security analysts at Bitdefender’s Security Operations Center (SOC) lead alert prioritization, threat analysis, recommendations, and response actions.

MDR Foundations, a new managed security service that provides continuous threat detection and response

Proactive human-led threat hunting: Bitdefender threat hunters actively search for and destroy advanced persistent threats (APTs) that silently reside on systems, investigate anomalous behavior from internal and external sources (users and applications), and take into account the industry, technology environment, and most likely threat actors for each customer. Threat Hunting applies real-time threat intelligence from Bitdefender Labs and Bitdefender’s global network of millions of sensors to guide informed decision-making. With military and law enforcement backgrounds, Bitdefender threat hunters are known for having in-depth insight into advanced adversary techniques to stop attacks quickly.
Enhanced security operations: MDR Foundations improves threat defense and accountability by enabling MSPs and customers to work closely with Bitdefender security analysts. Key pain points such as alert fatigue, running complex tools, maintaining data compliance, and establishing security procedures are dramatically reduced or eliminated from day one. An online platform allows customers to connect and communicate with their Bitdefender team 24/7, view alerts, manage endpoints, and take recommended actions to contain or remove threats, all from a single dashboard.
Easy onboarding and service management: The MDR Foundations onboarding process is automated and easy, and most companies are up and running in less than a day. For MSP partners, Bitdefender offers the ability to onboard and manage multiple clients simultaneously.


Bitdefender MDR Foundations is now available for purchase through Bitdefender’s extensive network of MSPs and resellers.

By Alvaro Rivers

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